[tomoyo-users-en 472] CaitSith 0.1 released.
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Tetsuo Handa
2012-04-01 14:07:17 UTC
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CaitSith is an access restriction module for Linux 2.6.27 and later kernels.
This module gives you ability to restrict access (e.g. opening files, executing
programs) at the kernel level. This module is designed for ease of use.

This module was derived from TOMOYO Linux 1.8.3, but usage of this module would
be too different to imagine that this module was derived from TOMOYO Linux.

Documentation http://caitsith.sourceforge.jp/ is under construction, sorry.

Also, I uploaded other tarballs. ccs-patch-1.8.3-20120401.tar.gz and
akari-1.0.26-20120401.tar.gz now support Linux 3.4-rc1 and Ubuntu 12.04.

MD5: Filename:
000003289b6f9213b0e8c7c51607136e ccs-patch-1.6.9-20120401.tar.gz
77779ee24436324fdb45e232ca938063 ccs-patch-1.7.3-20120401.tar.gz
aaaaca0e7b06e4e37cfa5a879cfb4736 ccs-patch-1.8.3-20120401.tar.gz
222233ff6cfb39d5c2258d91646c88a7 akari-1.0.26-20120401.tar.gz
8888e7faede611f1d951d616636d4e27 caitsith-patch-0.1-20120401.tar.gz
eeeebbe3ff39cd369caf00807ee1d335 caitsith-tools-0.1-20120401.tar.gz

By the way, are there still users who are using TOMOYO 1.6.x?
Download statistics counter shows that there is almost no user.
If nobody uses, maybe it is time to discontinue TOMOYO 1.6.x branches.
Tetsuo Handa
2012-09-04 13:08:25 UTC
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I had a presentation regarding CaitSith at LinuxCon North America 2012.
Slides that explain why CaitSith was developed and how to use CaitSith are
available at http://I-love.SAKURA.ne.jp/tomoyo/CaitSith-en.pdf (maybe moved
to somewhere else in the future). Thanks to Jamie Nguyen for reviewing.

As of now CaitSith 0.1.5 is available, though there are several bugs remaining.
I need to write functionality testing programs in order to find and fix bugs.