[tomoyo-users-en 665] Tomoyo Linux Test Machine
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2016-11-11 15:06:29 UTC
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Hello everyone,

I am new to Tomoyo Linux and have recently begun experimenting. I have
setup a test Tomoyo machine where anyone may log in as root and experiment.

My goal is to replicate the SELinux test machine that Russell Coker runs
and to better learn how to use Tomoyo. I believe that Tomoyo is more simple
to configure and reason about than SELinux.

If you have time to log in and test the Tomoyo configuration, please see
the URL below for login information. If you are somehow able to bypass
Tomoyo, please don't do anything destructive or harmful and let me know.
And finally, please no fork bombs or other silly tricks. Be responsible and
respectful of others:


I welcome your suggestions and feedback on how to improve the configuration.

Thank you,